Manage subscriptions and billing

March 9, 2023
May 30, 2023

When creating an organisation, you choose a subscription plan. There are three different subscriptions available.

  • Individual
  • Business
  • Enterprise
1GB of Log Data30 days Logging Retention90 days Logging Retention
7 days Logging Retention100 APIsUnlimited APIs
Single APIBusiness SupportBusiness Support
Developer Support
Single User

When setting up the payment you can choose to be billed monthly or yearly. The payment is charged in US dollars. You can upgrade your subscription from individual to business at any time. To downgrade from business to individual you must cancel your plan, at the end of your billing period you will be moved to the individual subscription.

Note: Only members assigned the role of Owner or Admin can enter billing details.


  • Individual - free to use.
  • Business - 7 day free trial, $43,200.00 per year or $4000 per month.
  • Enterprise - contact us for pricing.

Manage subscriptions

You can view your current subscription.

1. Click the settings cog on the dashboard.

2. Click the Subscription tab. The current plan is highlighted as active.

Business subscription free trial

A seven day free trial of the business subscription is available. You can select this when you first create the organisation or when you first switch from individual to business. To switch from individual to business, navigate to the Subscription tab:

1. Select the billing as Yearly or Monthly.

2. Navigate to the business plan and click Start Free 7 Day trial.

3. The billing page opens. Click Start trial.

The subscription page displays the business plan as active.

At the end of the seven day free trial, if no payment details have been entered your business plan will switch to the individual plan. To continue with the business subscription, you can enter payment details.

To add payment details while you are on the free trial:

1. Click the Billing heading. The billing page opens in a new tab.

2. Click Add payment method.

3. Enter the payment details.

4. Click Update.

After the free trial ends, you will be charged and the business subscription will continue.

Cancel subscription

You can cancel your plan at any time. Your plan stays active until the next billing date.

1. Click the Billing heading The billing page opens in a new tab.

2. Click Cancel plan.

3. To confirm click Cancel plan again.

Note: You can renew your plan if you cancel. On the billing page click Renew plan.


Only users assigned the role of Owner or Admin can view and update billing details.

View billing details

1. Click the settings cog on the dashboard.

2. Click the Billing heading. The billing page opens in a new tab.

The billing page displays:

  • The current plan.
  • Renewal date.
  • Payment method.
  • Billing information.
  • Invoice history.

Update billing details

You can change the selected payment method. On the billing page:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the currently selected payment method.
  2. To select a previously added payment:
    - Select the payment method.
    - Click Update.
  3. To add a new method:
    - Click Add payment method.
    - Enter the card details. Click Update.