Reset two-factor authentication

March 9, 2023
October 31, 2023

When you log in, you are required to enter your email address and password. You then enter a one-time code that is generated from your preferred authenticator app (for example, Google Authenticator). If you cannot generate this one-time code you can reset your two-factor authentication.

You must have your recovery code to be able to reset two-factor authentication. Contact support if you do not have this.

To reset multifactor authentication:

1. Enter your email address and password to log in.

2. You are then required to verify your identity by entering a one-time code. If you cannot generate a one-time code, click Try another method.

3. Click Recovery code.

4. Enter the recovery code that was displayed when you set up the account. Click Continue.

5. You are given a new recovery code. Copy this code and store it somewhere safe (for example, a password manager).

6. Mark the checkbox to indicate that you have copied and stored the new recovery code.

7. Click Continue to sign in.