API security by design

A Global Leader in End to End API Security

APIs are the core enabling technology for modern digital applications - however - network
solutions to API security have failed to secure organisations from breaches

FireTail allows customers to solve all the most critical problems facing APIs today by sitting at the application layer

FireTail engineered a solution from scratch specifically to help organisations:

  • Maintain continuous visibility over their APIs 
  • Monitor for threats and prevent breaches
  • End-to-end focus on the application layer of cloud-native applications

Secure your Python, Golang, Node.js, & Ruby applications with the open source FireTail code library

  • Built for OpenAPI/Swagger Specification
  • Real-time enforcement of your API contract
  • Open-source API security and governance
  • Enforce security in real-time

Monitor your APIs with the FireTail API Security Posture Management platform

  • Implement API best practices with step by step instructions
  • Integrate with AWS, GCP API Gateway & Azure API Management
  • Monitor and alert on security & compliance issues
  • Cross-platform logging
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