API Security Posture Management: Gain Full Visibility and Strengthen Security

Gain complete visibility into your APIs and assess their secure posture effortlessly with FireTail's API Security Posture Management. Identify potential misconfigurations, eliminate insecure versions, and ensure the robustness of your API ecosystem.

Strengthen Your API Security Posture

API security posture management can rapidly accelerate the maturity of your API security program.

Comprehensive API Visibility

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of all your APIs with FireTail's API Security Posture Management. Get valuable insights into the security status of each API, to proactively address vulnerabilities and protect your systems and data.

Secure API Versioning

Eliminate the risks associated with outdated and insecure API versions. FireTail's API Security Posture Management helps you identify and manage deprecated API versions effectively, ensuring that your APIs are always up to date and secure.

Secure API Versioning

Holistic Security Assessment

Take a proactive approach to API security by conducting a holistic security assessment. FireTail's API Security Posture Management provides in-depth analysis and evaluation of your APIs, enabling you to identify and rectify any misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or potential weaknesses.

Holistic Security Assessment

Start tracking your APIs and prepare for future-proof secure application structures

If you want to move to modern, microservice architectures, you need to understand where your API endpoints live, which APIs talk to each other, and which are accessible and vulnerable. Gain visibility and track security posture and activity with FireTail.