Venture capital raised
Started Nov 2021
Years of cloud security
API calls tracked
Riley Priddle & Jeremy Snyder in Dublin

Over the course of just 3 months, they conceived of the vision of bringing visibility via instrumentation to the modern open-source development model, aligning a simple code library to the most popular open-source API frameworks. This led to the development of FireTail's hybrid approach to API security - inline API call inspection and blocking, coupled with cloud-based security posture management, detection and response and centralized API audit.

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How FireTail started

Jeremy and Riley first met in 2017 discussing cloud security, the importance of visibility, real-time inventory and configuration monitoring. Over the intermediate years, they continued to discuss trends in the industry, evolving development patterns, and cloud architectures. In 2021, they reunited to explore the role of the API in the modern enterprise.

FireTail founder, Jeremy Snyder delivering a keynote

Our values

FireTail™ was founded on values. Helping customers to become more secure is number one, but there are many other values that we keep in mind as we do our work every day.

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Results matter

Many companies focus only on analytics. Blocking breaches matters more, and staying ahead of the attackers on the API attack vector is core to our values.

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As a fast-growing company, new roles and opportunities open up all the time. Join FireTail if you want to test yourself and grow your skills.

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We focus on working with customers at the cutting edge of the technology stack - cloud-based, cloud-native, digital native or in the midst of true digital transformation and embracing microservices - these are our customers.

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We commit to our customers. We listen to them so that we can empathize with and truly understand their needs. Only then can we deliver solutions to them.

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Team work

We are a distributed team of professionals. We come together at least once a quarter for team-building and deep exploration of challenges we face together.

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We trust all of our team to own their work, whether they're in software development, customer support, or anywhere else. Own it and be accountable. You will not be micromanaged.

Our investors

FireTail is backed by some of the best investors in the business

Paladin Capital Group Logo

Paladin Capital Group is a leading global investor that supports and grows the world’s most innovative companies through venture investment, expansion, and growth capital. Headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in New York City, Silicon Valley, London, and Luxembourg, Paladin seeks out diverse investment opportunities across the US and worldwide.

General Advance Logo

General Advance is a private investment firm built on strategic insights, independent research and long-term partnership. The firm backs unparalleled teams developing technology to solve complex and critical problems. Since 2012, General Advance has invested into more than 50 companies across stages, sectors and geographies, believing that the future will be won through truth, rigor and optimism.

Secure Octane Logo

Over the last decade, Secure Octane Investments has been working closely with technology founders to shape their ideas and launch cybersecurity enterprise startups. The fund invests in early stage companies with an emphasis on cybersecurity, data platforms, developer productivity and enterprise infrastructure. Secure Octane is headquartered in San Francisco, California and invests across USA, Canada, Israel and Europe.

Zscaler Logo White

Zscaler is revolutionizing internet security with the industry’s first Security as a Service platform. Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 organizations, including 50 of the Fortune 500. Zscaler ensures that more than 13 million users worldwide are protected against cyber-attacks and databreaches while staying fully compliant with corporate and regulatory policies. FireTail is one of 3 strategic investments made by Zscaler to date.

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We're currently searching for software developers, cybersecurity researchers and API hackers.

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FireTail team meetup
FireTail Team at event
FireTail at Blackhat Europe