Create a new organization

March 9, 2023
April 6, 2024

When you first sign in to the FireTail platform, you should create an organization. Doing this enables you to then set up:

Note: You can create multiple organizations on the platform.

Create an organization when you first log in

1. Click Create Organization.

2. Enter an organization name. Click OK.

3. Choose a plan. The following plans are available:

  • Individual - For individual developers to get started with a single API.
  • Starter - Up to 50 APIs.
  • Business - For businesses with up to 100 APIs.
  • Enterprise - For large-scale enterprises. Click Contact Us to avail of this plan.

4. To start the 7 day free business plan, click Start Free 7 Day Trial. Click Start trial on on the billing page that opens (card details do not need to be entered to avail of the free trial). Read more about subscriptions and billings here.

  • Note: The Individual plan is selected by default. If you want to stay on this plan click Close.
The person who creates the organization is automatically assigned the role of Owner. Additional members can be added. Learn how to add a new member here.

To add more organizations

1.  Navigate to the organization dropdown in the FireTail platform.

2. Select View all organizations from the menu.

3. Click Create Organization. Complete the steps as outlined above.