API overview

August 8, 2023
September 12, 2023

All discovered APIs and any APIs you have created are listed in the APIs tab on the platform. When viewing the APIs you can choose grid view or list view. Toggle between grid and list to change the view.

You can also filter the API by type. Select the type to display all APIs from that type, cancel the selection to remove.

Click the API card or title to view more information about that API.

In the API details you can view the associated:

  • Requests
  • Tokens
  • Collections


In the Requests tab, you can view the incoming requests and their details. The requests table can be filtered by time. Select from:

  • Last hour
  • Last day
  • Last month
  • Last 3 months
  • Custom

Select Custom and enter a Start date and an End date to filter by a specific date and time.

The Polling Interval indicates how often the page data reloads from the API, in minutes. Select the polling interval from the dropdown.


In the Tokens tab, you can view or create tokens for that API. Learn how to Create an API token. 


In the Collections tab, you can view or create any collections for that API. Collections can be used to group information for an API. Creating a collection on the platform enables you to view the inventory data. Learn more about Collections.


In the Findings tab, you can view any findings for that API. Learn more about Findings.