Set up a Microsoft Teams integration

April 15, 2024
April 22, 2024

Setting up an integration between FireTail and Microsoft Teams enables you to connect alert and incident notifications to Slack Microsoft Teams. When you create an alert or incident you will be able to select the Microsoft Teams integration you have created as the method of receiving notifications. To set up a Microsoft Teams integration, you first need to create a channel in  Microsoft Teams or use an existing one, this is the channel the notifications are sent to. Information on how to create a channel in Microsoft Teams can be found in the Microsoft Teams help center.

When the channel is created, you then need to set up the incoming webhook. To do this:

1. In Teams go to the channel that the notifications will be sent to.

2. Select More Options (..).

3. Click Manage channel.

4. Under the Connectors heading, click Edit.

5. Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add.

Note: If you’ve already added an Incoming Webhook, the Configure option appears. Select Configure to create an Incoming Webhook.

6. Enter a name for the webhook. Upload an image (optional).

7. Click Create.

8. Copy and save the unique webhook URL. The URL maps to the channel, use this to complete the Integration in FireTail.

9. Click Done.

With the webhook setup you can complete the integration in FireTail:

1. Navigate to Integrations in the FireTail platform. Select the Create integration tab.

2. Select the Microsoft Teams integrations.

3. In the Name of Integration field, enter a name for the integration.

4. Paste the webhook URL into the Webhook field.

5. Edit the Teams payload if required. This is the information that is populated in the Teams notification when an alert is triggered. For a list of all tokens, go to Dynamic variables. Learn how to Customize notifications.

6. Click Submit.