Dynamic variables

May 18, 2023
October 31, 2023

The use of variables in notification integrations can be done through tokens. Notification integrations contain customizable payloads where you can add, remove and change tokens and text. This can be done in the following integrations:

The information and tokens in the payload determine what information is populated into your alert. For example:

  • {alert_name} was triggered at {alert_timestamp}, this populates the alert with the name you have given the alert and the time in UTC when the alert was generated: "404 alert was triggered at 21/04/2023T12:35:36".

The table below details the different variables you can use in a payload.

Variable name
alert_link Link to the alert in the Firetail SaaS platform. https://firetail.app/organisations/2b33ac05-ef3f-4d8d-97ee-986a887cba87/monitor-alerting/27da7c63-c830-4b32-890e-7b28e0ca5184
alert_uuid Unique UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) of the alert. bd65fefc-43d9-4c6c-9719-21ef828afa6c
alert_name Name of the alert. 404 alert
alert_timestamp Timestamp alert was generated in UTC. 21/04/2023T12:35:36
alert_operand Operand of the alert.

"<" ">" ">=" "<=" "=="
alert_nice_operand Operand in text form. less than
alert_type Type of alert. static || anomaly
alert_static_threshold_condition Same as alert_operand.

"<" ">" ">=" "<=" "=="
alert_static_threshold_value Threshold value for triggering a static alert. 1000
alert_static_triggered_value Value that caused the alert to trigger. 1001
alert_period Period in time that gets checked for alert breach, in seconds. 900
alert_throttle_enabled If enabled the alert won't trigger until it is outside of the threshold period. true
alert_throttle_period Time after alerting that no alerts will be generated, in seconds. 900
alert_anomaly_sensitivity Sensitivity of bands for anomaly detection lower is less sensitive. 1.5
alert_anomaly_max_data_points How many data points will be checked for breach of anomaly bands. 1
alert_anomaly_min_data_points The minimum data points that will be checked for breach of anomaly bands (data points * alert_period). 1
alert_anomaly_comparison_operator Operand for checking if alert breaches threshold. LessThanLowerOrGreaterThanUpperThreshold