Wiz integration setup

February 23, 2024
July 9, 2024

Wiz is a leading cloud infrastructure security platform specializing in identifying and mitigating cloud-related security issues. Integrating with WIZ enables you to scan for API resources to populate into the FireTail platform. 

1. Navigate to Integrations in the FireTail platform. Select the Create integration tab.

2. Click Wiz API Inventory Scanning.

3. In the Name of Integration field, enter a name for the integration.

4. Log into the Wiz Console here.

5. Follow the setup guide for detailed instructions on configuring the integration. To complete the integration, retrieve the following details from your Wiz account:

  • API Endpoint URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

6. Copy the API Endpoint URL and paste it into the Wiz Graphql API Endpoint field in the FireTail platform.

7. Copy the Client ID. In FireTail, paste the value into the Client ID field.

8. Copy the Client Secret. In FireTail, paste the value into the Client Secret field.

9. Select the Wiz Auth Provider from the dropdown. This is the Wiz Auth Provider that your tenant uses.

10. Select an application or create a new one. This is the application that will be associated with the integration, and new discovered APIs will be grouped in this application.

11. Enter a Scan Frequency. This is how often the scan is done. The minimum scan frequency is 24 hours.

12. Click Submit.

The discovered APIs can be viewed by navigating to the APIs tab in the dashboard.