How do I switch plans?

March 13, 2023
May 30, 2023

You can upgrade your subscription from individual to business at any time.

1. Click the settings cog on the dashboard.

2. Click the Subscription tab. The current plan is highlighted as active.

3. Select the billing as Yearly or Monthly.

4. Navigate to the business plan and click Start Free 7 Day trial.

5. The billing page opens. Click Start trial.

The subscription page displays the business plan as active.

At the end of the seven day free trial, if no payment details have been entered your business plan will switch to the individual plan.

To continue with the business subscription, you can enter payment details. Learn how to add payment details here.

Switch from business to individual

To downgrade from business to individual you must cancel your plan, at the end of your billing period you will be moved to the individual subscription.

1. Click the settings cog on the dashboard.

2. Click the Billing heading. The billing page opens in a new tab.

3. Click Cancel plan.

4. To confirm click Cancel plan again.

Go to Manage subscriptions and billing to learn more.