Azure API inventory scanning

June 16, 2023
July 9, 2024

Integrating with Azure inventory scanning enables the scanning of API resources to populate into the FireTail platform.

1. Navigate to Integrations in the FireTail platform. Select the Create integration tab.

2. Click Azure API Inventory Scanning.

3. In the Name of Integration field, enter a name for the integration.

4. Log in to the Azure portal.

5. In the portal search for "App registrations".

6. Click New registration, to register a new app.

7. Enter a name for the app and select the relevant option from the Support account types. Click Register.

8. Copy the Tenant ID and Client ID.

9. Return to the FireTail platform and paste the copied values into the corresponding fields of the Azure form.

10. Return to the Azure portal. Click Certificates & secrets.

11. Click New client secret.

12. Enter a description for the secret and select an expiry time from the dropdown. Click Add.

13. Copy the Value. Open the FireTail platform and paste it into the Azure App Client Secret field.

14. Return to the Azure portal. Search for "Subscriptions".

15. Copy the Subscription ID. Return to the FireTail platform and paste the value into the Azure Subscription ID field.

16. Return to the portal. Select the subscription. Select Access control (IAM).

17. Click Add > Add role assignment.

18. In the Roles tab, search for and select the Reader role.

19. Go to the Members tab. Click Select members. Search for the Azure app that you created. Click Select.

20. Click Review + assign when done. Return to the FireTail platform to complete the Azure form

21. The integration is Enabled by default. To make the integration inactive, clear the check box.

22. Select an application from the dropdown, or click Create to create a new application. This is the application that will be associated with the integration. When you complete the integration this adds the discovered APIs from Azure under the FireTail application that you choose. Learn more about applications here.

23. Enter a Scan Frequency. This is how often the scan is done in seconds. The minimum is 900 seconds (15 minutes).

24. Click Submit.

The discovered APIs can be viewed by navigating to the APIs tab in the platform.