November 18, 2022

FireTail at API World 2022

FireTail presented an overview of why API security is an application security problem, not a network security problem. CEO Jeremy Snyder outlined a history of API security incidents and analyzed the data visibility and logical flaws.

FireTail at API World 2022

FireTail was at API World 2022

API World is the largest conference dedicated to APIs. The event took place this year in San Jose, California, as well as online. FireTail founder and CEO Jeremy Snyder gave a talk entitled:

API security is an application problem. Here's why.

API security is an application problem.

In the talk, Jeremy starts by giving an overview of:

  • Why APIs are important
  • What kinds of breaches have happened to date
  • What the causes of those breaches have been
  • The API attack vectors
  • What level of data visibility is necessary to protect APIs
  • How to think about API security as a program

We recorded the API World presentation again: