December 20, 2023

FireTail at Apidays Paris 2023

FireTail was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend, connect, and present at Apidays Paris 2023.

FireTail at Apidays Paris 2023

Apidays Paris 2023 was a wonderful event for cybersecurity professionals of all kinds and anyone interest in the power of APIs. Our co-founder and CEO Jeremy Snyder gave a talk that dove into the complex new challenges in API security, including how to bridge the gap between developers and security teams. You can watch the full talk now and discover what it will take to effectively protect your APIs in 2024.

Why Should You Watch?

🌐 Stay Ahead of the Curve: Jeremy dives deep into the current state of API security, offering you the latest insights on this ever-evolving threat landscape. Don't just keep up – get ahead!

💡 Learn from Real-World Cases: Benefit from FireTail's exhaustive research, exploring breach case studies and extracting valuable lessons. Uncover the intricacies of API breaches and how to safeguard against them.

🔍 Optus Case Study Unveiled: Learn from a real-world example – Optus, a major Australian telecom provider, faced a multi-vector breach. Jeremy dissects the incident, revealing crucial vulnerabilities and their solutions.

🚨 Stay Informed on High-Profile Events: Discover recent high-profile API security events in 2023 across various industries. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to protect your systems.

🤝 Bridge the Gap Between Developers and Security Teams: Tired of the divide between developers and security teams? Jeremy presents effective strategies to build bridges, fostering collaboration for impenetrable API security.

🔄 Continuous Improvement with Feedback Loops: Learn how to create a feedback loop for continuous improvement. Discover the role of policy assessment in mitigating flaws in API design, putting you in control.

🔮 Anticipate Future Challenges: Jeremy shares insights into the future of API security, especially as AI adoption skyrockets across enterprises. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead!

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