The State of API Security 2024

Join us on Thursday, 30th May as FireTail CEO, Jeremy Snyder, talks to Timo Rüppell, VP of Product, and Riley Priddle, Co-founder & CTO about our latest report on the State of API Security in 2024.

On this webinar, the team will explore findings and analysis from recent research that shows the scale, pace and nature of the increasing API threat. Don't miss it.

On this free, 45-minute webinar you will learn about:

  • APIs on the Rise - how APIs deliver value and why they are so popular in modern software.
  • The API Threat Landscape - the key events from the last 12 months that have impacted API security including the explosion of AI, digital supply chain risks and the OWASP update.
  • Direct Research - case studies and analysis from numerous data sources including Public API Breaches, Fortune 500 API Analysis, GitHub Repository Scanning and FireTail Platform Data.
  • API Attack Vectors - a breakdown of the root causes of API breaches and the failure of network security for APIs.
  • Effective API Security Strategies - practical insights and advice on protecting the connections that matter most to your business.

Places are limited, so register now to secure your place.