API Security Assessment

Put your API security to the test. Get a comprehensive review carried out by our team of highly knowledgeable experts. We will analyse every element of your API security posture and provide a detailed assessment report with practical guidance on how to fortify your APIs.

API Security Assessment

Put your API Security to the Test

Get the insights and guidance you need to achieve true API security.

Discovery & Inventory

If you can't see it, you can't secure it. Our API Security assessment begins with complete discovery and inventory of all your APIs via seamless integrations with your cloud environments and code repositories.

Discovery & Inventory
API Environment Analysis

API Environment Analysis

Our skilled team of API security professionals will analyze your entire API ecosystem covering network topology, cloud compute configurations, and API specifications before conducting in-depth pen testing across your APIs.

Comprehensive Report

Get a detailed report into your API Security posture with a clear grade showing how your organization stacks up and practical guidance on how to fortify your APIs.

How it works

Our expert team of API security specialists will develop a clear picture of your current API security posture and provide practical guidance on how you can further fortify your APIs. Here’s how it works:

  • Research Call - A 45-minute call with your team aimed at developing an initial outline of your API footprint and specific security requirements
  • Discovery & Inventory - Using easy integrations with your cloud environment as well as automated code scanning we find and list all of your APIs.
  • Environment Analysis - A comprehensive review of your API ecosystem covering network topology and design, cloud compute and resource configurations, API specification assessment and enhanced API penetration testing.
  • Findings Report - A detailed summary of our findings that identifies all critical and non-critical issues and provides an overall assessment grade.
  • Presentation & Review - A wrap up call whereby we will interpret our findings and present recommendations for improving your overall API security posture.

This process usually takes around 2 weeks depending on the complexity of your API ecosystem.

Your API Security Assessment Team

Meet the experts who will lead your API Security Assessment
Increase Security

Increase Security

Identify how to fortify your defenses across all APIs. Get clear and actionable insights into improving your overall API security posture to defend against API-related threats.
Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Simplify governance and enhance regulatory compliance with a clear overview of your API landscape and the data that flows across it, including identification of sensitive data and PII.
Reduce Attack Surface

Reduce Attack Surface

Identify ways in which you can rationalize API development, deployment and management to reduce overheads, improve performance and minimize threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common reasons that people contact FireTail. Feel free to have a look, and reach out if these don't help.

How long does the API security assessment take to complete?

We typically complete the entire process within 2 weeks from research call to presentation of findings. This depends on your availability and the complexity of your API ecosystem.

How much does it cost?

The typical cost of an API security assessment is $36,000. This may change if there are specific requirements or additional work needed. You will receive a full proposal and final pricing once we have completed your initial research call.

What will be included in my report?

Your final report will cover the following: Executive Summary, Key Findings, Overall Assessment Grade, Inventory Report, Configuration Report, Pen Test Results, Issues Report and Remediation Recommendations. We can provide a sample report on request.

What is required from my team?

The successful completion of your API security assessment will require a dedicated sponsor within the organization to facilitate the initial research call and findings presentation. You will also need to include colleagues from your security team and at least one developer with the ability to implement remediation recommendations. Typically, we can complete the entire project with less than 10 hours of input from your team.

How do I get started?

In order to begin your API security assessment, or just to learn more, simply book a call today.

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