The State of API Security 2023

FireTail’s State of API Security 2023 report covers the rapid rise of APIs, their importance and use in our everyday life, and why we need API security now more than ever. The report draws on research from over a decade of data breaches and goes in detail about the causes and effects of these breaches.

The State of API Security 2023

Read on to learn about API breach vectors, vulnerabilities, common mistakes made in API security, and the OWASP Top Ten risks for APIs. Additionally, get tips for current best practices in API security, starting with visibility.

This report provides a great jumping-off point for beginner cyber security professionals and those looking to brush up on their knowledge of APIs.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Defining, debunking and demystifying API use
  • The rising risks to APIs and how to manage them
  • The impact of cloud APIs in API security
  • The failure of network defense in API security
  • API attacks and breaches as of 2023, and what we can learn from them
  • Strengthening your cyber security posture in today’s risk-filled climate
  • Best practices for API security starting with visibility, authentication, and authorization

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