Making Connections - API Security for Travel & Leisure Platforms

Today, even the simplest trip involves a complex symphony of connections. Booking sites, reservation systems, payment platforms, hire companies, insurance brokers and an endless array of other intermediaries all rely on real-time data and the power of APIs to get you where you are going. As the importance of APIs to the industry grows, so too does their value to attackers. In this ebook, we look at what it takes to develop an effective API security strategy for your travel & leisure platform.

Making Connections - API Security for Travel & Leisure Platforms

With expert insights and practical advice on API security, this ebook provides a comprehensive guide to protecting APIs for travel and leisure platforms. Complete the form for instant access:

Travel APIs now handle more highly-sensitive data than ever before and that makes them attractive to bad actors. Combined with the recent addition of AI and a massive expansion of API calling capabilities, breaches, leaks and attacks in the sector are set to accelerate greatly.

In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • The API Landscape in Travel & Leisure
  • An Industry Built on Complex Connections
  • Common Threats for Travel Platforms
  • Real World Examples
  • Best Practices for API Security

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