FireTail enterprise is designed for teams of professionals

Everything in the Individual plan
Up to 250 APIs
Enterprise Support
Up to 100 Team Members

Choose your plan duration

FireTail is licensed on a subscription basis. Subscriptions can last months or years. Discounts are available. Contact us for more information or to discuss options.

$ 6,000.00 USD
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What's included in the Enterprise plan?

The FireTail enterprise platform includes all the features of FireTail. Code blocking (new languages and frameworks can be requested) and full cloud-based logs, audit trail and detection and response capabilities. API APM is included, as well as new features being built on the FireTail databases.

If you want a feature that is not currently offered on the FireTail platform, enterprise platform customers requests will be prioritized.

  • Multiple organization access possible; full team management with roles and permissions (RBAC). SSO coming soon.
  • Enterprise support and 24/7 uptime SLA.
  • Preview access to the upcoming authorization graph is included with the enterprise plan.

Is this the right pricing plan for my company?

The FireTail Enterprise plan is designed for businesses. If your organization has multiple APIs, multiple applications with APIs, multiple teams, a dedicated information security (InfoSec) organization or regulatory audit requirements, the Enterprise plan is for you.

What our clients say

"Easy to deploy"

We chose the agentless solution for our existing API estate. FireTail worked with us to tweak the CloudFormation for our deployment model. Our API events then gave us a quick and complete picture of our APIs and helped us find and eliminate API security challenges.

Paul Hadjy
CEO of Horangi
API events
"The next major attack surface"

APIs are the new port 80: an ubiquitous way organizations connect to the world. As such, securing APIs demands a novel, clean sheet of paper approach like Firetail.

Ted julian
Cybersecurity Founder & Investor
Years in cybersecurity
"A modern API security approach"

We like how FireTail is built for teams who take a modern approach to security, measuring and identifying issues right where they potentially are, as well as giving confidence that our APIs are secured as we expect them to be. Their software is fully transparent and integrates with our existing services. Their team was very helpful and responsive in getting it deployed into our APIs.

Philip Rees
CTO, Tidal Migrations
API calls/month
"API security aligned with the cloud"

We work with some of the most advanced and largest-scale enterprises in the world on their cloud security initiatives. Every single one has API security on their radar, and the FireTail approach aligns perfectly with how they are executing on security strategy.

Thomas Martin
Director of Chaos & Clarity at NephoSec
Cloud APIs monitored
"Innovation + ease of deployment = win"

I see a lot of technologies but when there is a real understanding of the importance of an effective and easy deployment combined with real innovation to meet a need... I get excited. It's why I'm a huge fan of FireTail and what they are doing.

Anthony Johnson
Managing Partner, Delve Risk
(Former F100 CISO)
Years building and running global cyber teams