Effortless Deployment and Enhanced API Security with FireTail

FireTail's Simple Deployment provides a hassle-free approach to enhancing API security. Our platform integrates seamlessly with open-source code and API frameworks, allowing you to effortlessly deploy the FireTail Library and gain robust protection for your APIs. With just a few lines of code, you can seamlessly deploy the FireTail Library, empowering your application with real-time API call inspection, malicious call blocking, and centralized logging.

Streamlined API Security Deployment Made Easy

FireTail is designed around the most common standards used for building modern, API-first applications, namely open-source code and open-source API frameworks. Using just 11 lines of code, you can bundle the FireTail library with your application to gain real-time API call inspection, malicious call blocking, and centralized logging,

Effortless FireTail Library Deployment

Deploying the FireTail Library is quick and simple. You can integrate FireTail into your application and instantly benefit from API call inspection, protection against malicious calls, and centralized logging. Streamline your API security deployment with FireTail's user-friendly approach.

Seamless API Wrapping and Protection

Wrap your API with FireTail to unlock enhanced security capabilities. Our platform seamlessly integrates your existing API infrastructure, empowering you with real-time inspection of API calls, proactive blocking of malicious requests, and centralized logging for comprehensive visibility and control.

Seamless API Wrapping and Protection

Language coverage

FireTail is now available for Python, a versatile programming language known for its large library and user-friendly syntax. Python has features randing from web development and data analysis to artificial intelligence and scientific computing. Harness the power of FireTail and Python to take charge of your APIs today.

Language coverage

Start tracking your APIs and prepare for future-proof secure application structures

If you want to move to modern, microservice architectures, you need to understand where your API endpoints live, which APIs talk to each other, and which are accessible and vulnerable. Gain visibility and track security posture and activity with FireTail.