API Inventory

With FireTail's API Inventory, you can achieve full visibility and control over your API ecosystem. From Library deployments to API Gateways and other integrations, our platform provides a unified view of all your APIs in a single, intuitive interface.

Unlock Full Visibility into Your API Inventory

Get full visibility into your API inventory through API discovery and reporting features.

Comprehensive API Discovery

FireTail's API Inventory offers advanced API discovery capabilities, so you can uncover all APIs within your organization. FireTail allows you to identify and catalog APIs across various systems, creating a comprehensive data inventory for effective governance and security measures.

Streamlined API Reporting

With FireTail, generate detailed reports on your API inventory effortlessly. Our platform provides a query-friendly, consistent data structure for your API data model, making it easy to access, analyze, and report on your APIs. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Streamlined API Reporting

API Correlation

API Correlation bridges the gaps between APIs, applications, infrastructure, and essential CSAM (Cloud Security and Asset Management) or CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) systems. With API correlation, you can conduct thorough analysis, uncover patterns, and gain insight into the health and efficiency of your digital environment.

API Correlation

Start tracking your APIs and prepare for future-proof secure application structures

If you want to move to modern, microservice architectures, you need to understand where your API endpoints live, which APIs talk to each other, and which are accessible and vulnerable. Gain visibility and track security posture and activity with FireTail.