API Alerting & Monitoring: Stay Ahead of Threats

With FireTail's cutting-edge API Alerting & Monitoring capabilities, you can safeguard your APIs and stay one step ahead of potential threats. Ensure the security of your APIs by defining triggers and monitoring critical metrics with real-time notifications.

Security Monitoring

Proactive Security Monitoring for Your APIs

Real-time Notifications

Never miss a beat with FireTail's real-time notifications. Define triggers based on your configuration and inventory data to receive instant alerts whenever API security events occur. React to potential threats and protect your critical systems and data.

Configurable Triggers

Take control of your API security with FireTail's flexible trigger configurations. Define the conditions that matter to you the most and generate customized alerts based on your specific requirements. Adapt the triggers as needed to align with your evolving security strategy.

Configurable Triggers

Metrics and KPIs

Monitor the health and performance of your APIs using comprehensive metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Set user-defined conditions or thresholds for these metrics to receive immediate alerts when any deviations occur. Keep your APIs running smoothly and efficiently.

Metrics and KPIs

Start tracking your APIs and prepare for future-proof secure application structures

If you want to move to modern, microservice architectures, you need to understand where your API endpoints live, which APIs talk to each other, and which are accessible and vulnerable. Gain visibility and track security posture and activity with FireTail.