Seamless API Visibility with FireTail's Agentless Integration

FireTail's Agentless Integration provides a hassle-free method to gain visibility into your already deployed API endpoints behind AWS's native API gateway. Our cloud-native solution is designed for modern application architectures. We offer detailed logs and enhanced API Gateway logging capabilities for optimal data visibility.

Effortlessly Monitor API Endpoints Without Agents

Deploy FireTail's API Gateway connector to gain visibility into already deployed API endpoints sitting behind AWS's native API gateway for discovery and intermediary logging.

Streamlined API Endpoint Discovery

FireTail's Agentless Integration enables seamless API endpoint discovery, so you can effortlessly identify and monitor API activity behind AWS's native API gateway. Gain comprehensive visibility into your APIs without the need for additional agents or complex configurations.

Enhanced Logging and Data Visibility

With FireTail's Agentless Integration, benefit from enhanced logging capabilities for high levels of data visibility. Our solution ensures detailed logs of API activity, empowering you with the insights needed to detect and respond to potential threats effectively.

Enhanced Logging and Data Visibility

Cloud Native

The agentless FireTail solution is designed for API-centric cloud-native application architectures, which consist of smaller microservices, application containerization, dynamic scaling based on demand, and high fault tolerance. Cloud-native application architectures can harness the benefits of cloud computing and protect APIs in today's digital landscape.

Cloud Native

Start tracking your APIs and prepare for future-proof secure application structures

If you want to move to modern, microservice architectures, you need to understand where your API endpoints live, which APIs talk to each other, and which are accessible and vulnerable. Gain visibility and track security posture and activity with FireTail.