Changelog March 1st

March 1, 2024
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In the Posture Management section of the FireTail SaaS platform, we have added Incidents and Incidents Policy. 

  • Incidents allow users to receive alerts for meaningful events.
  • Create incident policies to define qualifying criteria for incidents.some text
    • Specify the number of findings in a severity level to occur within an event. When these parameters are met, an incident is triggered.
  • Aimed at eliminating alert fatigue and ensuring users receive notifications for important incidents.


Context about an event is now displayed on the SaaS platform. Click on any event to view the event details containing additional contextual information about that event.

New Events

Multiple events have been added to the platform in the following categories: 

  • AWS Lambda API
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS AppSync API
  • Incidents
  • Incident policy
  • Specifications
  • Integrations
  • APIs
  • APPs
  • Alerts

Log based detections

Logs are now analyzed daily and detections are created based on any anomalies found during the analysis.

Notification history

  • Added a history tab to Existing Integrations.
  • Users can view request and response payloads for all previous notifications in this tab.