Changelog April 26th

April 26, 2024
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Microsoft Teams

A notification integration with Microsoft Teams has been introduced to the FireTail platform. By setting up this integration between FireTail and Microsoft Teams, you can receive alert and incident notifications directly to your chosen Microsoft Teams channel.

Google API Gateway Logging

This integration enables you to set up logging resources in Google API Gateways. When this integration is set up, logs are fed into the FireTail platform.


Additional dynamic variables have been added to incidents. Dynamic variables are used in customizable payloads to dynamically populate alerts and incidents with specific information. The following dynamic variable were added to incidents: 

  • incident_title
  • incident_policy_name
  • incident_policy_frequency
  • incident_policy_uuid
  • incident_title
  • incident_policy_name
  • incident_policy_frequency
  • incident_policy_uuid
  • incident_findings_low_count                   
  • incident_findings_medium_count
  • incident_findings_high_count
  • incident_findings_critical_count
  • incident_findings_info_count
  • incident_findings_total_count

New filters

Additional filters have been added to the filtering functionality in the Dashboard and Alerting areas of the FireTail platform. These filters added are under the metrics category and include:

  • Response Header Size
  • Request Header Size
  • Request and Response Header Size
  • Request Payload Size
  • Response Payload Size
  • Request and Response Payload Size
  • GraphQL Query Complexity
  • GraphQL Query Depth
  • GraphQL Number of Fields

Filtering by log source has also been added to the selection of filters in the resource category.


The pie chart now included a breakdown of the number of each status code contained in a status code grouping.

A new API column has been added to the dashboard requests table. Clicking the API will open the API dashboard. 

Bug fixes and performance improvement

General bug fixes and performance improvements made throughout the FireTail platform.