Changelog April 12th

April 12, 2024
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Generate OpenAPI Specifications from logs

A new feature has been added, enabling the generation of specifications for an API based on existing request log information in the FireTail platform. Specifications can be used to group information for an API. The generated specification is customizable, allowing you to select the period of time of historical log requests to base the specification on. You can also make inline edits directly to the file to modify or adjust the specification. These changes are instantly visible in the Swagger UI.


Slack integration

The Slack notification integration has been updated to allow for a simpler integration process. You can now connect to a Slack channel using the newly created FireTail app. Use this integration to receive alert and incident notifications on your selected Slack channel.

GitHub Repo Scanning with the FireTail Github App

A new integration with GitHub has been added. Installing the FireTail GitHub app will enable you to scan your GitHub repositories for OpenAPI specifications. This integration also creates OpenAPI specifications from static code analysis for the following languages:

  • python - Flask
  • nodejs - express.js
  • go - net/http

Bug fixes and performance improvement

General bug fixes and performance improvements made throughout the FireTail platform.