November 2, 2022

Ask a CISO Podcast: Hypponen's Law

Mikko Hypponen and host Jeremy discuss the Hypponen Law, the future of the internet, and the worrying trend that Hypponen foresees in the future with respect to cybercriminal gangs, and how he thinks we can best combat the new developments when they come to fruition. He also laments the loss of privacy in the internet age and gives us a few tips to secure our environments and regain some of our privacy.

Ask a CISO Podcast: Hypponen's Law

Ask a CISO Podcast Season 2, Episode 40: Hypponen's Law

Learn about:

  • The Hypponen Law: If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable
  • A future where programs write programs?
  • The next revolution — is it good?
  • About the book If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable
  • Is the internet vulnerable?
  • “Security by Playstation”
  • Privacy died, and we killed it
  • Tips and advice to secure your environment and regain your privacy
  • Where multifactor authentication fails
  • In the end, it's down to humans