Ask a CISO Podcast: AI & ML in Cybersecurity

Host Jeremy Snyder and Diana discuss the organization WiCyS, short for Women in CyberSecurity, which promotes the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in cybersecurity. We also discuss using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in cybersecurity, how they can help analysts, managers, and those in charge of tracking and hunting down attacks, and further explored the implications of this technology, such as its application in healthcare, national security, and financial services, and how data provenance can be used to protect organizations.

Ask a CISO Podcast: AI & ML in Cybersecurity

Ask a CISO Podcast: AI & ML in Cybersecurity

Learn about:

- WiCyS & Recruiting Women in Cybersecurity

- The rise of AI and AI chatbotsT

-The impact of AI and ML on cybersecurity & examples

-AI, ML impact on Data Provenance and Implications for Security

-Do we need training programs relative to AI tools?

-k at Cyberize and as a vCISO

-Diversity and Inclusivity in the cybersecurity industry

- Her book Practical Cybersecurity Architecture