The State of API Security

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What is the API security report about?

  • The importance of API security The report starts with real-world examples to highlight the importance of APIs and API security in the current, digital world.
  • An introduction to API Security: FireTail then examines some of the challenges that organizations face as they expand their API footprint and change their architectures to be API-centric.
  • A Decade of Data breaches: Learn from past API data breaches and understand the evolving threat landscape with a comprehensive analysis of the most significant incidents over the last 10 years+.
  • Addressing the Root Causes of API Security Breaches: Gain insights into common API security flaws and root causes of data breaches, and discover how to prevent them with best practices and the latest industry standards, including the OWASP API Top 10.
  • Effective API Security Strategies: From Prevention to Response: Discover best practices for securing your APIs and mitigating risks, including real-world examples and practical advice for creating a comprehensive API security strategy.