Changelog July 8th

July 8, 2024
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Free tier launch

Introduction of Free Version

FireTail is now offering a free version of our enterprise-level API security tools.


  • Supports up to 5 APIs.
  • Includes 1M API call logs per month.
  • Offers 7 days of data retention.

Features include:

  • Open-source code libraries.
  • Discovery and Inventory: Identify and manage APIs.
  • Security posture management.
  • Centralized audit trails to eliminate vulnerabilities and protect APIs in real-time.



An integration with Splunk has been introduced to the FireTail platform. By setting up this integration between FireTail and Splunk you can send notifications and incident data from FireTail to Splunk for comprehensive logging and analysis.


Additional discoverable resources added to the Wiz integration. 

  • AWS:
    • Application Load Balancers (ALBs)
    • Network Load Balancers (NLBs)
    • API Gateway v1 & v2
    • Lambda functions
  • Azure:
    • API Management Service


Direct linking added the platform to FireTail’s documentation for integrations.

Bug fixes

General bug fixes made throughout the FireTail platform.