Jeremy Snyder of FireTail on the Founder to Founder Podcast

Jeremy Snyder, the CEO and Co-Founder of FireTail, talks to Teja Yenamandra of on the Founder to Founder podcast.

Jeremy Snyder of FireTail on the Founder to Founder Podcast

To kick off 2024, FireTail CEO, Jeremy Snyder meets with founder and CEO, Teja Yenamandra on the 'Founder to Founder' podcast.

The pair discuss Jeremy's background, his entrepreneurial journey and FireTail's mission to secure the world's APIs. Check out the full interview now.

What's Covered

In this podcast, Jeremy talks with founder, Teja Yenamandra about his journey and life before FireTail before diving into APIs and the importance of API security. Here's what the pair discuss during their one-hour conversation:

  • Journey & Background: The episode kicks off with Jeremy Snyder talking about his nomadic childhood, his academic career,  his professional trajectory and his lifelong love of languages.
  • Microservices and Service-Oriented Architecture: The discussion explores the significant shift towards microservices and service-oriented architectures in application development, highlighting the flexibility and scalability these approaches bring as well as the proliferation of APIs.
  • Security Challenges in Cloud Evolution: Jeremy emphasizes the security challenges accompanying the transition to cloud-based solutions, particularly concerning secure API connections between applications and third-party services.
  • Inception of FireTail: The episode delves into the founding of FireTail, shedding light on the motivations behind starting the company, with a focus on addressing emerging security challenges in the tech industry.
  • API Security Concerns: Jeremy and Teja engage in a detailed conversation about the growing concerns in API security, especially given the increased interactions with APIs driven by advancements in AI models.
  • Mitigating API Risks: The discussion underscores the critical need for securing API connections to protect sensitive information and mitigate risks associated with potential API abuse by hackers.
  • Strategic Decisions at FireTail: Key decisions in FireTail's journey, including the choice of the company name and the acquisition of a domain are explored, offering insights into the strategic aspects of managing a startup.
  • Future Focus: Looking ahead, the podcast concludes with a focus on FireTail's commitment to addressing challenges related to AI and API security in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
  • Entrepreneurial Insights: Jeremy reflects on the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective in entrepreneurship, urging fellow entrepreneurs to view startups as jobs and not let success or failure define personal identity.